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Opt for deck construction services in Kenmore or Auburn, WA and the surrounding areas

Hire a professional for your patio or deck construction project in Kenmore or Auburn, Washington and the surrounding areas. Riccon Construction LLC has decades of experience in the industry, and our team will work with you to add a unique, functional structure to your yard. We can handle everything from simple patio pavers to two-story deck construction work.

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Should you install a patio or a deck?

Should you install a patio or a deck?

Don't waste your outdoor space. Riccon Construction will help you create a beautiful, luxurious entertaining space with a custom deck or patio.

Here's the difference between a deck and a patio:

  • Patios sit directly on the ground, and they are usually made using pavers. A custom patio builder will create a design that fits your unique property.
  • Decks sit above the ground. They're made from many different materials, including wood, composite and Trex. Riccon Construction is a Trex deck construction specialist and will provide you with high-quality results.